And so we begin. . .

Saint Elizabeth Community has entered the blogging world. We hope to be a resource in Rhode Island regarding senior services, to share stories, and provide a glimpse into the daily life within our various settings which include; apartments for seniors, adult day centers, assisted living, nursing and rehab centers.  Contributing writers will be from the Leadership Team of Saint Elizabeth Community.

I begin with a salute to caregivers after this brutal winter!  The business of care giving does not stop for bad weather. This February we were reminded about that repeatedly.  Snow storms, artic cold air that kills your car battery, blizzard warnings, driverways in need of shoveling, wideshields crackling and frozen with ice, children at home because school has been cancelled( AGAIN!);  none of this deters the caregiver.  There are no “work from home days” for caregivers.   Caregivers arrive with overnight bags- just in case.

For many, Spring will be most welcome this year.  On this cold March morning the sun finally nudges the temperatures into the low 30s, and there is a hint, just a hint of Spring in Rhode Island.  And collectively I think I can hear the caregivers breathing a sigh of relief .


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